Mug of Yarn Swap!

My Mug of Yarn swap arrived a few days ago, and I finally got a chance to photograph it!

There’s a “too much coffee” mug, a giant, super light and soft skein of kettle-dyed merino, some girly tissues, and a great vintage knitting book from Australia. My incoming partner was a man, and he was very sweet and self-effacing. I think he did an excellent job!

Here’s a closeup of the yarn.

It’s called Malabrigo. Sort of like Manos, but loftier and softer. I’m not sure what to make of it yet. 214 yards. One of those Hello Yarn neckwarmers would probably be smart. Or maybe a neckwarmer based on the One Skein single-cable scarf I like so well.

Vintage knitting books are always fun, but this one actually has a pattern I’d like to make, a little boy’s sweater that would be perfect for Ron. I reckon I could just use a thicker yarn/bigger gauge.

Cute, huh? Basic sweater with a contrast collar and stripe along the top of both of the sleeves.

Speaking of Ron, anyone know of a good men’s hoodie pattern? Pullover hoodie, not zippy. Lisa made a Rogue and Ron’s been admiring it. Dropping hints, really. I explained to him that it has girl shaping and would look stupid on him. He pretended not to be crushed.

I finished my mom’s Loop-d-Loop Yoke Vest, but haven’t started my matching one. I did weigh the yarn, though, and I’ll certainly have enough. That will be a good project for the drive to Texas. Assuming Ron’s driving. 

I’ve got to work on the Naughty Needles site tonight and box up my own Mug of Yarn swap gift. It’s my first swap, so I hope it’s good. My outgoing swap partern is a woman, but I can’t tell that much about her from her blog, because it’s fairly new. I’m sending her 2 skeins of a really bright Noro (she seems to favor brights) in a DH mug, plus Adrian’s Cable Twist Sock Pattern (she’s a sock knitter, and which should work nicely with the Noro), some roving (she spins), and if I have time, a few cat toys (she has cats) and a little spinning journal I made for Yarn School. Holy hell, that reminds me: I never sent it out to the Yarn School girls. Yikes. I’m leaving in a few days, so that will probably have to wait until I get back, as will sending gift copies of Naughty Needles to the rest of my knitting elves.

Which also reminds me: I forgot to call Book People and Hill Country Weavers and see if either wants a signing while I’m in Austin. I didn’t exactly forget; I was mostly too shy to call. But I need to suck it up and promote my book, dammit.

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  1. Jenna Wilson, the designer of Rogue, also has other cables available for free. I’m making a Rogue for my man right now using her Durrow cable. I just added two purls to either side of the chart to get 15 stitches, which is the same as the original one takes up. Also, I’m dropping the wrist cables since they were deemed “too girly”.

    Hope that helps!

    Oh, and be prepared to buy a truckload of yarn for it. I bought 25 balls and I might be running out!

  2. I guess it’s not fair to pretend it’s too hard to just drop the waist shaping… I have a big Webs cone of dark brown tweed that would probably be perfect for it–except that I want a Rogue out of dark brown tweed! Me me me!

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