A late introduction: Twyla Pearl

I’ve been very absent from my old friend The Thrifty Knitter. My crazy year is finally winding down. This year, I survived a tornado, finished a book, grew and expelled a human person, and hosted Yarn School, Fiber School & Mitten School! Whew!

The Tiny Boss (Twyla Pearl, born 9/13/12):

Twyla Pearl, Week 10

If you’re a baby person, you can see about a million pictures of her here. Otherwise, since I’m trying to keep it crafty here, I won’t bore you with a gazillion baby photos, but limit myself to 2 featuring  handmade stuff (she’s got several beautiful handknit garments I’ll also show off as she grows into them):

Twyla Pearl, Week 10

Twyla going stealth in a homemade boppy cover & matching pinafore dress, by me. I have made a SHITLOAD of baby gear, which I’m hoping to pull into a Cooperative Press book if Twyla stays mellow this winter. No doubt I’ll be producing a lot more baby patterns in general.

Twyla Pearl, Week 11

The most amazing Baby Surprise Sweater (!) ever by my incredibly skillful friend Teri, handknit of yarn from our chocolate Romney Fudgy the Whale + hand dyed yarn from our neighbors Alpacas of Wildcat Hollow!

That’s Twyla at my book signing at The Wicked Stitch last weekend. After missing two naps in a row (the signing on Saturday and Spinster’s Club yesterday), she was a cranky little potato yesterday, especially angry on the ride home, but she conked out right after dinner last night, so the silver lining was that Ron & I got some rare alone time.

And my new book came out last week! I am so very pleased with and proud of this thing, though I’m still really sheepish about being on the cover. More on that (and my new BACON mittens!) soon.

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  1. Aw!! Nikol! Congratulations! I’ve been reading and lurking around since the Disgruntled Housewife days and I’m so impressed with all you’ve accomplished. You were one of the first people who inspired me to think that I could be a crafty business owner. Have fun with your new addition. She’s adorable! <3

  2. Great to have Thrifty Knitter back! Just downloaded Literary Knits to the Kindle, and I think an uber list will be needed….. Lovely designs, and so related to the books I love. Twyla is lovely!

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