1-2 more Yarn School Helpers Wanted!

I am looking for a couple more helpers for the spring session. I have two reserved already & I’d like 3 or 4 total to spread the work out more so all the helpers get more fun time.

Basically, it’s a Yarn School work-exchange program, heavy on the work! You do lots of prep (cleaning, laundry, fiber balls, mixing dyes, etc.) beforehand, then help with meals, dishes,  laundry & the Dye Lab during. In exchange, you get to attend Yarn School, a Yarn School goodie bag with Hello Yarn fiber (no extra BYO wheel bonus, though), a door prize, and 2# of fiber to dye, which you can dye on either Sunday night after the Dye Lab add-on (we’ve got a full house for the add-on, or normally helpers dye then) or Monday–or at some future time, if you live within a drive and want to come out and relax and take your time at a later date.

Here are the details:

Since I’ve had people I don’t know flake out on me in the past, helper jobs are now only available to former Yarn School students or helpers.

If you’re within driving range, you can either come out and work the two weekends prior (April 14/15 and 16/17–or Fri/Sat, if that’s better for you–stay here overnight Saturday) & then show up Thursday (4/26) afternoon for Yarn School, or come out the Monday before (4/23) & work all week. Out-of-towners do the 2nd option. All of our KC helpers have preferred option #1 since you’re better rested & generally have more fun that way. Helpers usually stay thru Monday am, and are welcome to stay thru the day if they want to dye then.

Helpers clean, set up goody bags, get rooms ready, make beds, do laundry, etc. in advance & then assist with meals, dishes, laundry & the Dye Lab & generally helping out the teachers during.  Sunday while the Dye Lab  add-on is going on, you’ll strip all the beds of those who have already left. It’s a lot of time on your feet, so if you have health or mobility problems, this is probably not a good job for you.

Helpers stay in one of the group rooms. Helpers need a driver’s license, since they often run the airport shuttle.

I think that’s about it. If you’re interested or have more questions, let me know asap!

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