Today I shot Splash, my upcoming Craftzine pattern, with the lovely Charlene, who has a figure that welcomes the camera instead of mortifying it (uh, me). The weather was gorgeous, windy, mild hot (nice hot, not the punishing 100-by-noon bullshit we’ve had the last couple weeks), and the setting was a pretty town lake in Lyon county, out by Char’s place. Here’s just a teeny taste of it (I’ll post a big pile of photos next week when the pattern’s live):

Splash tease

I’m delighted with this pattern. It’s utterly easy and speedy and used just 3 skeins of yarn, which completely blows my mind. It knits up just about as fast as you’d expect 300g of worsted in a simple, open pattern on 7s to knit up–and that’s fast, brother! And it’s so soft and comfy I kind of don’t ever want to take it off. Which is a funny way to feel about any clothing in the dead of summer, let alone a knit. The only reason I don’t run around naked all summer is because: 1) well, the obvious horror–no one wants to look at that mess all day, especially not me; 2) my ass sticking to seats; 3) increased potential injury from cooking/hay/evil plants/insects/livestock. After the Naked French Fry Burn Incident, I have a much healthier respect for clothing.

I’m trying to keep that TDF momentum going. I just finished this:

Handspun from Laura's Pygora's romney roving

from this, Laura’s Pygoras romney roving:

Laura's Pygoras Roving

Next up, also Laura’s Pygoras, but this time, Shetland:

Laura's Pygoras Roving

I got burnt out on combed top at the end of TDF and I’m on a roving kick now.

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