Sally Cardigan Knitalong coming next week, yippee!

Craftzine’s running a Sally Cardigan KAL during April & May! Yippee! I’ll be knitting another Sally, and posting a different step each week, so if you like Sally but want some guidance (especially around the steek, which seems to be nervous-making for everyone), please join us! I set up a ravelry group and I’ll make a flickr group tonight. My first post, about yarn ideas & substitutions, is going up on craftzine blog tonight or tomorrow.

I wish I wasn't wearing my gardening hat in all these pictures

Please ignore my stupid gardening hat. I was having hair issues and am now filled with remorse about grabbing the stupid thing. But cute sweater, no?

Now I just need to figure out:

1) What colors I want to use and

2) Whether I want to make an allover pattern or a sort of Nordic-y patterened yoke-and-cuffs only version.

Allover pattern is in the lead right this minute, but I’m giving myself until tomorrow to decide.

I don’t have enough of 2 colors to knit from stash, and I LOVE LOVE LOVED the Sheffield, so I’m definitely using it again, but which color is another question.

At present  the Kiwi/Olive color combo is duking it out my my head with Brown/Purple. I’ll let that simmer as well.

I’ve been quite productive lately, but I’m still behind. This afternoon, I realized I’d spaced out and neglected to pay an embarrassingly overdue bill. I’m hoping that idiotic mistake won’t leave me without hot water. I don’t mind the excuse not to shower, but I have dishes to do, puddy-tat.

Anyway, this made me realize 2 things:

1) I can’t say Yes to anything else this month. I foolishly sneaked in a couple more Yeses at the end of March, and I know they’re going to make me pay.


2) I NEED A LIST! Specifically, I need a giant, crushing master list I like to call NAKED FISTFIGHT OVER HOT COALS, MOTHERFUCKER! Yes, that is actually what I call it when I make my giant crazy desperate list.

So, right after this, I am going to:

1) Get myself a cold beer

1.5) (See how I’m getting into the list-making spirit already?)

2) Get a pen and a clipboard


3) Walk the entire building and write down every single little thing that needs to be done.

Tomorrow, I’ll do the same outside and next door, but I’m sure my hand will cramp into an eagle talon just doing that part.

And then? Then hold on to your fucking hat, because then I’m going to get down to TCB all over this place. It’s going to be a Highlander-style fight to the death with my To Do list. And I shall prevail.

Now where’s that beer?

6 Replies to “Sally Cardigan Knitalong coming next week, yippee!”

  1. What is TCB again? Your expressions and writing are so fantastic. Let’s see – there’s the “titty baby” list and the – what is it again?

    When are you teaching another class in Wamego?

  2. Your sweater made me read your blog, your Buffy dream makes me want to give you a high five, but your swears! They make me love you and bookmark your blog. Also, you mentioned Highlander, truly a fabulous lady after my crafty heart. Oh, and you live on a farm? You, heartbreaker, you.

  3. I think the hat looks fab in this photo… regardless of what it really looks like I can only imaging there are HUGE feathers on top. And maybe a pair of large fuzzy dice.

  4. have been searching for more (good) knitting blogs – so glad i stumbled across yours while casting on for the pebble vest!

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