FREE BUFFET: Sally Cardigan on Craftzine!

This is my new favorite sweater,so I’m so pleased to announce: Sally’s up on Craftzine! ? Sally on ravelry

Sally Cardigan on

A Nostalgic Honeycomb Sweater, inspired by Mad Men’s Sally Draper.

Mosaic/slipped-stitch knitting (=easy! Worked in stripes, one color at a time, not stranded colorwork). With 3/4 sleeves, crocheted buttonholes. Worked in the round with steeked front, with detailed photo tutorial of the crocheted steek and buttonhole placket.

Sizes XS – XL, with guidance on making custom fit/larger sizes.

Sally Cardigan on

Sally Cardigan on

Sally Cardigan on

I like my little vintage buttons, but I think it would have been even cuter with those little hand-painted Russian strawberry buttons from Peace Fleece, but I only had one card (4 buttons) in the shop and couldn’t wait. The great thing about the crocheted buttonholes is that if you change your mind later and want bigger/smaller buttonholes, you only have to frog and re-crochet one single line of slip stitch. I’ve been wanting to use this buttonhole again ever since I created it for one of the Naughty Needles Burlesque cardigans (which I accidentally threw in with a hot wash load and felted badly last year), and I think they’re just the right amount of adorable on this sweater.

Did I mention I love this sweater?

Sally Cardigan on

Sally Cardigan on

Before steeking! There’s a step-by-step photo tutorial on the crochet-reinforced steek with the pattern, but here’s the fun part:

Sally Cardigan on

Sally Cardigan on

Now I’m trying to finish up a new Knitty submission and a gazillion worky/taxy/money-y and Yarn School prep details. Busy, busy! But I’m suddenly feeling energized by it instead of melancholy. After a little flirtation with spring, we had the usual bummer return of winter with a big PSYCHE, SUCKERS! snow last Sunday. It’s been cold and damp since, which made me a little depressed for a few days. But then I realized it will help me focus on TCB instead of longing for the garden. It also helps me want to spend time in the basement (where it’s warm), testing new recipes and stocking my freezer so I won’t have to cook (or eat nothing but takeout pizza) the week before Yarn School.

And! Shearing’s on the calendar for April 20. This year, I’ll be sure to take up their hay the night before to minimize wiggles/shearing mishaps. Last year, Marilyn (Danny the shearer’s wife, an experienced spinner and fiber grower) helped me skirt as we sheared. But I am a big sissy titty baby that it kinda really stressed me out, so this year, we’re tossing all the belly and legs into the mulch pile, and spreading each fleece onto a sheet, folding it up, and putting it aside for later. I know I’ll be tempted to fuss with them right away, but I’m officially vowing to wait until after Yarn School. Actually, that’s even better because we can unfurl them at Yarn School & Jen can show how to skirt a fleece. It’s always way more fun with a nice fresh one. And I think I may get everyone made into yarn this year! I really love the beautiful yarn they make.

  • Sara says:

    What an adorable pattern! I love the colors you picked for the sample–bright and cheery but wearable. This is going on my queue for sure.

  • JelliDonut says:

    Steek rhyms with eek! Which is what I said when I saw those scissors! Very nice sweater.

  • Shannon says:

    You are so pretty, it just slays me. And the sweater is equally delightful!

  • Nikol says:

    You’re too generous, Shannon! Thank you. I know you know how many shots it takes to get something presentable, but thank you for pretending there weren’t another 30 where I looked like I was 90, mentally ill, about to throw up, or ready to eat your brains.

  • Chelle says:

    Hey did you ever read the old book Persian Pickle Club? It was written in 1995 and is about a group of women in a quilitng club during the Great Depression. It is set in Harveyville KS and talks about them taking a trip “up to Auburn” which sounds like it’s the big town nearby. I am really enjoying this book and thought of you and your Harveyville Project. It also brought back many memories of my Grammy telling me about the Great Depression.

  • Chelle says:

    Yes I agree with Shannon about your prettiness.

    That sweater is adorable on you. : D

  • Silver Ilix says:

    Wow, looks fantastic! I am sure strawberries would have looked great but I love those little flowers, and the photos are fantastic of your steek!

  • Denise says:

    Look at you both you and the sweater are marvelous!

  • thezenofmaking says:

    This pattern just might end up being the reason I pick up my knitting needles again. I’m so excited that I featured it on my Friday Internet Crushes post on my blog this week. Thanks so much for sharing!

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