Love is in the air

I want to marry my new sweater.

Sneak peek of Sally Cardigan, coming soon to Craftzine!

The free pattern will go live on Craftzine late this week or early next, so you only get a little peek right now.

More than I can chew

In other knitting, I just unraveled the first sleeve of Kid’s Superman sweater and learned that the happy fun knitting adventure I’d planned won’t be materializing. I had assumed I’d be able to spit-splice the broken yarn from the ragged sleeves and just knit them straight down. Then I’d just darn the main body. But it turns out the wool won’t split splice. I don’t know if it was superwash, or if it’s been damaged by dry cleaning (it kind of has that crunchy dry cleaned feel), but in hindsight I should have realized the stitch definition was too clear and the pits were too pill-free for regular wool.

But as usual, I dived in without actually thinking it through.

I should still be able to pull it off, but there will be much heinous end-weaving. Gross.

Around Cupcake Ranch, one unlucky lady has a particularly unfortunate hairdo right now.
Faith's unfortunate mullet

Poor Faith already has kind of a wild, hawkish look to her that makes her the stringy misfit of the flock. And her new molt-driven mullet is not helping matters. She’s rocking sort of a bearded lady look. No wonder she’s so mean.

4 Replies to “Love is in the air”

  1. That’s a great idea! I would love to avoid all that splicing and/or weaving. I’m afraid the yarn’s too fine for the Russian joins not to be obvious. I’ll ask Kid about it.

  2. I am so glad I’m not the only one with a chicken having a bad hair day! Our poor Betty went broody last year, then started to molt…she ended up looking so thin and stringy.

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