Another lovely day

Yesterday, I got so beguiled by the beauty of a 70° day in February that I decided to take the afternoon off. I didn’t even open my calendar, just grabbed a book and headed out into the sunshine. I read The Golden Compass and ate an apple and shared the core with the chickens, and watched the sheep graze the mostly-dead winter pasture and periodically bolt and flock together.

Hokey Pokey's nose

When it got dark, I went inside and made Fudgy a new jacket, pink with a little fancy red stitching around the neck just for fun.

Fudgy's new dress!

Then, all hopped up on a sewing high, I went through this huge bin that contains years of to-be-mended clothing, looking for this week’s mending project. I was utterly astonished at how tiny everything was, and how short! I just re-joined Weight Watchers after years of packing on the pounds, and I’m finally feeling confident that I can edge back to my goal weight, so maybe I’ll actually be able to wear some of the less-tiny stuff again, though I think the really short dresses are definitely a thing of the past (hope springs eternal, though, apparently: I didn’t toss them out yet). I finally settled on some vintage pajamas to mend, and I think I’ll give them to Ron.

Destash Cardi

Later on, I caught up with some blogs I like and did a little knitting and read some more. What I didn’t do was open that calendar.

If I had opened my calendar, I would have realized I had a business-y dinner last night, and I completely spaced it! This is why I will never be a captain of industry. The siren song of freak gorgeous weather completely overrides any sense of responsibility.

My afternoon off was lovely, and we’ve got beautiful weather scheduled all weekend. I’m going to make sure I spend a couple hours a day outside, but I’ve also got a mountain of TCB.

Here are my plans for the weekend. Hm. I went back and slapped a time guess on each one and I clearly can’t do all this this weekend, unless, you know, I don’t sleep or even pause at all.

  1. Hang up lighter curtains and decide which I prefer (1 hour)
  2. Fold up losing curtains and get them ready to return (30 minutes)
  3. Put up bubble wrap (hour/room?–10 hours?)
  4. Flyer (2 hours)
  5. Finish and pack up Color Source Book orders (4-6 hours?)
  6. Swatch my sweater options and make a yarn decision (3-4 hours)
  7. Catch up on the building scarf (Hm. 10 hours?)
  8. Spin my Spinsters Club batt (2 hours)
  9. Spend a couple hours cleaning (3 hours)
  10. Do some laundry (1 hour)
  11. Pick a template! (2 hours)
  12. Replace rotten or broken planks on the palettes in the hay shack; toss out all the leftovers (2 hours)
  13. Hang some tarp on the east side of the hay shack (1 hour)
  14. Make a rack for all the tools I like to keep in there (2 hours)
  15. Examine Agnes’ front hoof that looked like it might be cracked (30 minutes)
  16. Repair Fudgy’s old coat and put on Hokey Pokey (1 hour)
  17. Make a new coat for Mr. Shivers. (1 hour)
  18. Catch up on my stuff elimination (1 hour)
  19. Try 2 new recipes! (2 hours)
  20. Finish destash cardigan (4-6 hours)
  21. Remove, pack and return defective screen (1 hour)

I have 3 candidates to swatch for the sweater I’m working on for the March Craftzine. Just in the ball, the Sheffield is my favorite. It’s 70% merino, with 15% silk and 15% angora. It’s fluffy and super soft, with a gentle halo. Plus, I love the icy pale blue.

Sweater candidates to swatch

My monstrous rolls of bubble wrap arrived today. I’m planning to put it up this weekend, while it’s still warm. Hopefully we’ll get a little greenhouse action going with the afternoon sunshine. Hm. I just checked the forecast again and now they’re predicting thunderstorms Saturday and clouds Sunday. Boo. Well, at least I’ll get the bubble wrap up before winter kicks back in on Monday.

Giant rolls of bubble wrap

Giant rolls of bubble wrap

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