I am a rock!

I’m super-awesome because I just resisted a very tempting elann.com update. Naturally Natural Wool 200g hanks under $5 in both aran and DK. And you know how much I love the natural browns.

And earlier this week, I resisted this very cute tablecloth on clearance at Target even though I was dying to buy it for a circle skirt. But I’m prohibited from buying any clothing this year, and that includes tablecloths! But I could hear the cogs creaking in my brain trying to rationalize that one. Instead, I’ll see if I have a cute vintage tablecloth in my stash I can use for a circle skirt.

(ETA: Extra credit because I still denied it when I found it again last night for 75% off. It was very hard to convince myself that the same arguments applied when it was $3.76. But cheating is cheating and a busy print still makes my ass look bigger, even when it costs less than a case of Diet Coke.)

As if I have any business draping a busy print over these hips! (It was actually that thought, and not my slavish devotion to my Überlist, that made me put down the tablecloth. That and lately my poor checkbook sobs a little every time it opens. I’ll be glad when we can shut down the boiler for the season. Did I mention how grateful I am for this warm spell?)

Today one of the Kansas Day organizers sent me this great pic of me tandem spinning (me drafting; someone else treadling) with some cute random kid. I’ll bet I did this with 50 different kids that day, including a couple who were so little they had to hold onto their parents’ knees and run in place on the treadles.

Kansas Day spinning demos

Yes, that is my ghetto tin can cupholder. I totally covet one of these (with the slotted option for my coffee cup, natch), but my birthday is not til September, so it’s all travel mugs and Diet Coke cans for me right now.

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