New Clothes for the Thrifty Critter!

New Hemmingway Sweater pattern

Ballentimes Critter for Ron

A while back, I decided to go through all my old patterns and clean them up and make nice, tidy pdfs to sell. The free patterns will stay right where they are, but if you want to shell out a few bucks can get a nice, printer-friendly pdf that can live in your ravelry library.

I wanted to make Ron a new Critter for Valentine’s day, so I decided to take the opportunity to revamp the pattern and design some new clothes for the little guy! The paid version of the pattern includes my new critter designs as a free bonus. In addition to the 2 scarves and wizard hat already available free online, the pdf includes a new toque and cowl,  a sweater vest or cardigan and a Hemmingway sweater (cabled aran turtleneck)! I have to admit I sort of want my own Hemmingway sweater now.

New cardigan pattern

New vest pattern

New cardigan pattern

New vest pattern

New toque and cowl patterns

New Hemmingway Sweater pattern (front)

New Hemmingway Sweater pattern (back)

After lots of winter, we suddenly got a fake spring a couple days ago. It’s been in the 50s, and it’s supposed to be 70 on Thursday. Of course, this comes right after I buy thermal curtains and order a shitload of bubble wrap to try out this trick. It’s not like we’re going to quit having winters–or even that this current winter has run its course–but it’s vexing to spend money at just the wrong time.

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  1. Aaah these are so CUTE!!! And you could make little clothes hangers from paperclips ;-)

    That bubble wrap insulation sounds like a great idea for a building like yours; adaptable insulation without much loss of (day)light. I imagine it will pay itself back in no time, small comfort?

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