Striped Destash Cardigan

Striped Destash Cardi

I started this sweater while waiting on some yarn to swatch for another sweater I’ll be knitting this month. It’s worked by using 5 different yarns and alternating yarn every row. It’s super fun to knit, but managing 5  balls of yarn is a little annoying. But I’m happy to solider on because I do like the notion of having a unified use for all those random odd balls that always seem to hang around. If I were clever, I would have knit a trial version in a single color.

I need to quit getting distracted and finish cranking it out so I can start my next sweater! And the next one after that! Yes, I have more 2 sweaters already planned out. I actually have one more planned out, but it’s almost an art project, so I may end up saving it for the summertime, when I’m free again. February is a short month, and I have an awful lot of catching up to do already.

I also want a new shawl, something nice and warm, and that will stay on my person without constant adjustment while I TCB. After refining my search several times on ravelry, I finally decided on Sarah Howard’s Super-Simple Scandinavian-Style Shawl, and not just because of the alliteration, though that didn’t hurt. I haven’t yet decided on the yarn, or whether I’m allowed to start it before I finish my destash cardi. It really seems like I shouldn’t, considering I have a whole other sweater that’s been on the needles for a year now, and February is supposed to be catchup month, not get-farther-behind month.

It’s funny how much better I feel getting a little bit more daylight these days. It’s only about 30 extra minutes so far, but it’s luxurious! Something about utter darkness by 5:30 was just so defeating. Oddly, I never seem to completely wake up until after dark, though. Something about winter makes me sleepy all day. Maybe it’s the blue light?

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  1. I love the way the colors are playing against each other in your cardigan – keep going and focus on one project and before you know it it’ll be finished! I have been working on unfinished objects for a while now and I’m so excited when they’re done! :) it’s a fantastic feeling and allows more room in the brain to focus on new ideas!

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