Free Convertible Hoodie Pattern on Craftzine!

Lazy Weekend Convertible Hoodie Sweater

I was so busy with the Insubordiknit workshop last weekend (very fun, by the way!) that I wasn’t able to post Lazy Weekend (ravelry), my new convertible hoodie sweater pattern that went up on Craftzine last Friday. It’s an oversized short-sleeved sweater for 3-seasons layering with an oversided removable hood (that can be work separately). It’s knit of Knit Picks City Tweed HW and works up FAST. It’s a top-down raglan knit to size, so you can fudge if you’re cutting it close on the yarn. And it’s designed in reverse stockinette but knit inside-out so you can avoid a sweater’s worth of purling.

Lazy Weekend Convertible Hoodie Sweater

Lazy Weekend Convertible Hoodie Sweater

Lazy Weekend Convertible Hoodie Sweater

Lazy Weekend Convertible Hoodie Sweater

(Sheesh, I look a hundred there. How did I not notice that? Deadline must have outweighed my vanity in the heat of the moment.)

Insubordiknit was great fun! I either new or quickly came to know everyone in attendance. It was a really marvelous group, and while I didn’t get to sit in on much, the lessons were outstanding. I especially loved that this workshop includes many similar yarns to Camp Pluckyfluff, but taught in a very different way. I love both versions for different reasons. Lexy’s style is so relaxed and creative and very freeing if you’re kind of stuck in your spinning. Jacey’s style is just the opposite, deconstructing the process and giving you a very technical approach. Very opposite but utterly complementary!

I’m going to be carrying Jacey’s DVDS because the corespinning technique is just the thing for my batts! I think I might put together a spinning playdate package around the various lessons on the DVD.

And of course, I had to card and spin a floor batt:

Insubordiknit floor yarn

Yesterday, I tried my hand at trimming hooves with the new sheep deck chair. It’s still a little early, but I’m going to call it a win. I only got through Agnes (forgot to trim her face, so she might be going back in the chair today) and Ronnie, who got a nice haircut!

Look at those pretty eyes!

I also got 3 of Hokey Pokey’s 4 hooves, so he’s going back in the hot seat today. I’ll take my camera out so you can get a glimpse of the process. Speaking of which, I’m late! Those poor sheep are going hungry while I blather on.

4 Replies to “Free Convertible Hoodie Pattern on Craftzine!”

  1. Wow! another great pattern.
    However I should probably finish your “that girl” sweater first … somehow I got stalled with only one sleeve to go!


  2. I LOVED the Insubordiknit workshop. Very fun. Your cooking is amazing. I wish I could have stayed for both days. Turned out weather was a non-event. Wah! Oh well, I learned enough in one day and I was getting on mental “overwhelm” mode. If you ever do an artyarn playdate, I’m there! Please let me know.

  3. Your sweater pattern is lovely! The sheep chair is interesting and it WORKS. That is great.

    I would love to come for a play date practicing some of the techniques that we got from Jacey.

    It was an awesome weekend. I love love love coming to Harveyville. thanks for all your TLC for your guests.

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