I made some more yarn last night on my drop spindle, almost 90 yards. It’s kind of scratchy wool, so I think I’m going to use it to make a critter or something practical, not something to wear.

Here it is on the spindle:

I’m way too slow to actually use it properly, so I did the “park-and-draft” method. But yarn’s yarn, so up yours. No, not really up yours, because I would like to learn to do it properly, but I definitely need more supervision. The class I took barely touched on spindles. And this was actually a bottom-whorl spindle. I shoved an eyelet into the opposite end to make a top-whorl spindle, since that’s the small experience I had. The spindle came with the purple roving, some dyed locks that I put aside for later, and a video tape that I found completely useless. I don’t know whether it was the video or me, but I finally just had to turn it off and flip the spindle over & rig up the other end & try to remember what I’d learned in class because I was getting nowhere.

Here’s the yarn in a hank:

As you can see, I don’t know what I’m doing. But it’s awfully fun. And this is certainly yarn!

7 Replies to “Yarn!”

  1. Dude, that’s totally yarn and you should totally be parking and drafting for a bit.

    Wash that in hot water and hang it up and see if it doesn’t look great.

  2. Nope. My yarn diet is because I was seriously compulsive about buying yarn, like bordering on something that would require an intervention, which was a problem both for my peace of mind & my pocketbook. I can see spinning totally becoming a replacement addiction, but I’m so incredibly slow that that’s not a factor yet. Plus, I already had a kit I bought months ago and never tried and I used a store credit for the additional roving, so no spiritual guilt or technical guilt. I am going to buy a wheel or two pretty soon, which will be expensive, but I’m hosting a Fleece-to-Finished Object Workshop in October, so it’s actually mandatory, yay!

  3. Totally yarn! It’s purplicious and will make a great critter. Park and draft is the only way to go when you’re just starting. My very first time with a drop spindle was at a spinning circle and this horrible woman berated me for park and drafting. Crazy lady. You’ll totally develop confidence as you keep going and need to “park” less and less.

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