FO: Silk Garden Lite Raglan

One more WIP down!

Pattern: Basic raglan, with graduated decreases/increases shaping at two spot in the back, and 2-color ribbing (corrugated ribbing?) at collar, cuffs & hem, double-stranded cast-on, and slipped-stitch edge at cuffs and hem. Alternating rows from 2 different balls to break up the color transitions a bit.

Yarn: Noro Silk Garden Lite (45% Silk, 45% Mohair, and 10% Lambswool), 7 balls

Notes: it took me 2 tries at the body and many tries at the edging to get this right. The back shaping is nice and subtle, makes for a tailored but relaxed fit. One weird thing: my decreases were placed evenly but seem a little off-center. This happened both times. I counted my stitches repeatedly and I’m positive I put them where they belonged. I think it may be because my knitting is just slightly tighter at the start of the round w when changing strands/colors. Anyway, it’s barely noticeable flat and not at all noticeable on, but it does annoy me. I’m eager to see if the problem disappears when I’m using just one color.

This is a lightweight sweater that should be good for spring.

Next up from the WIP queue: The knit.1 ribbed tank I started FOUR YEARS AGO. Amazingly, I found the magazine, thanks to the little rolling Yarn School library. I should be done tonight, then it’s on to Ron’s bunny slippers!

The pattern’s nice and easy, with some pretty bust shaping to the ribbing. If I knit it again, I would definitely knit it in the round. When I started working on it, I wasn’t yet obsessed with seam avoidance and round knitting.

After I finish all my WIP, I’m really going to make an effort to start knitting at least every other project from a pattern. I was inspired by a passing post on Parallax Knitting. I, too, think I could learn a good deal from knitting other people’s patterns. And I like the idea of a break every other pattern, not having to think about every stitch, not having to do the math and swatch and try different things, no ripping and reknitting, ripping and reknitting–instead, just letting someone else do the work. I think it will be fun. And it’s perfect that my current WIP isn’t my pattern.

My first pattern when I’m done with my WIP and my crocheted potholder swap will be this.

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  1. Hi….I love your sweater! And I am one of those hopeless lovers of Noro, but not so much Noro-in-the-finished-project. The striping does wonders for the color changes. One thing I really admire about your sweater is that the raglan lines on the yoke seems rounded rather than squarish, like many raglans I’ve knit. How do you get the yoke to round out like that? Thanks for sharing your photos!

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