Winter Woolfest! + F0#1: Drusilla

If you’re in Kansas or western Missouri, head out to Wamego tomorrow for Winter Woolfest, organized by the amazing Jennifer Schermerhorn of The Wicked Stitch Yarn & Fiber.

It was great fun last year. It’s free, with tons of free classes. I myself will be teaching thrums and knitting wire, and I’ll also have a booth for Art Club selling fibery goodness.

In knitting news, Drusilla’s finished an dall but out the door. I lost one component & with this utterly ridiculous weather, I haven’t been able to replace it. I don’t think I can show the full thing, but here’s a little detail peek:

I’m well pleased with the result. I’ll post info on the book when I know more.

I’m also one slipper into a pair of Bunny Hops for Ron. They were a Christmas present, but I only had one slipper and half of two sweaters done when Christmas actually rolled around.

Hurryup, knit out of order because I never get the length of anything right bottom-up. I think my idea mod for bottom-up sweaters is to start at the pits with a provisional cast-on, work the yoke as directed, then work down. Otherwise they look like art pieces for 8-foot aliens instead of proper human sweaters, particularly for short people like me and Ron. The shaping really suits him, with his broad shoulders & chest, and I love the shape, so I’m probably going to have to make myself one, too. Maybe from Rhinebeck fiber?

Off to get all my stuff together for tomorrow! Yippee!

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  1. N.

    The color of that red sweater is lovely. Wish I was in Kansas to go to woolfest. But I am hoping to go to Madrona in Tacoma WA this year. I order your datebook – 2nd year in a row. Already I accidently left my boiled egg for lunch in my bag, it got squashed on my datebook. Looks loved up and it is only the 8th…

  2. I just recently started reading your blog, and I was so delighted when I saw you at Woolfest! The thrums tutorial was quite interesting… I’d considered the idea of making thrummed slippers before, but I had no idea how. I thought, “How hard could it be?” It turns out it’s not difficult at all, but the thrumming process is completely different than the hack-job that I would have done through guessing alone. You’re a delight, and thanks for taking the time to teach!

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