More datebooks! More whining!

I’m taking a break from what has become the neverending pattern, Drusilla. I’m not sure how much I’m allowed to post about it, so I’ll just say it’s lovely, rather Victorian, and somewhat goth. And also fucking maddening. Every time I think it’s it’s perfect, I find I’m wrong. But I think I’ve subdued it and I’m embarking on what had better well be the final version, or there will be blood.

In the meantime, new datebooks! I love making these. I’m a big Mad Men fan, and they’re all of the era. Some you can imagine Don Draper or Peggy working on, some are even campaigns mentioned on the show. These are the choose-your-own-cover listings ($2 extra, but you get to pick–click for the esty listing), and there are also plenty of potluck options.

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