Freaky! Outy! Freaky! Outy!

With the Harveyville Fair and Fiber School coming up fast, and a pattern for Craft and a freelance web site I have to finish by Monday and an August club batt I just realized I never sent out (because I was out of mailers, then distracted by early visitors), it’s taking all of my will to obsessively  focus on my to massive do lists to keep from succumbing completely to anxiety and procrastination. Eep! Obviously, I’m floundering a little right now, or I’d be on task instead of blathering about my woes.

So, why am I so behind and stressed out, you ask? Besides my usual inability to plan & organize? Well, that’s the good news and bad news.

The good news is: we have a new shower in the grade school! Yay! My dad came out early and stayed a whole week putting it in, which was a real bitch thanks to the heavy-duty industrial nature of the building.

The bad news is: it’s not completely finished–though thankfully, he did finish everything I’m not confident enough to do myself. I still have to sand and paint the drywall and block, and seal the brick, and tile the floor, then edge it and rehang the door. And do a little repair to the shower. Hm. Sounds like more all written out like that. And prime and paint the door. And paint the trim. Hm. Okay, still a lot.

I also need to can tomatoes & some other piled-up produce. I cleaned out the jam-packed fridge today and discovered a ton of wasted food. Probably 2 gallons of miscellaneous stuff for the compost heap and another 2 gallons for the chickies. That stuff, I don’t feel as bad about, as it gets converted back into eggs!

Anyway, with all the looming responsibility, avoiding procrasti-knitting is a huge challenge, so I’m only allowing myself to finish the ball of yarn I’m currently on, and then I have to put away my Rhinebeck hoodie until after Fiber School. The wee dregs of this ball will probably get me through the hood, but that’s it. I guess I can redo the hem and still be within my own parameters, although that wouldn’t really be in the spirit of the thing.

I’m reasonably happy with the reknitted body, though I maybe wish it was a leeeetle bit longer (if I have any extra yarn, it goes to the hem). I did add center back shaping for my swayback/big ass situation, though I could have gone a lot farther with it. Next sweater for sure. This is close enough for me to accept, and the plan was to have a fairly relaxed fit anyway. Besides, I’m feeling so thick and sausage-y and premenstrual right now, so I don’t think I’d be thrilled with the fit no matter how perfect it was.

I’m also really not in love with my choice of edging (alternating rows of K1P1 and knit). I thought I remember seeing some simple hat edging on the hello yarn blog that might be good…. Ah, there it is! Hm. I wonder if it would work on something so much larger than a hat? Only one way to find out, I guess.

Hm. If I had enough yarn, I’d just go with a rolled hem. Jeez, I don’t know. Garter’s bulkier than I’d like. I-cord edging, maybe? Or maybe a bind-off with reverse stockinette picked up? Bleh.

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