Because the first step…

I present: My stash.

Normally all the stuff on the floor is hidden away int he cupboards, but I thought I’d walk it out and face it all at once.

But I always know what I have, because I keep a reference ball (tagged with the total number of balls) in the top cupboards. Well, theoretically, anyway. Sometimes I forget to make a reference ball, and sometimes it’s hard to see the forest for the trees. I was quite delighted and suprised at some of what I found when I pulled it out.

The only mitigating factors I can produce are that a couple of bags are for freelance projects, a couple of bags hold works-in-progress (but most of those are in another place), and a couple of bags were left over from my book.

I’m a born collector. I can’t just get what I need of anything, or even what I might conceivably need, ever. I have to get it all.



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  1. Um, seriously, I could possibly murder you in your sleep for the cabinet alone, but when you show it all organizey and filled with yarn, well- sleep with one eye open!

  2. Holy moo, is that an impressive stash! What is yet more impressive, though, is the organization. The tag system is brilliant, and I am thinking of finding some way of using a similar system for my much smaller stash.

  3. Thank you! I really need to reorganize the stuff on top so it’s categorized by weight and fiber, though. Right now it’s a hodge-podge. I tend to just put new stuff where it looks prettiest, which makes it an ass-pain to make a selection when I’m tryin to substitute. Also, about half of the untagged balls have multiples behind them, but how many varies (embarassingly, I have most of them in my head, but I find surprises sometimes), so at some point, I’d like to tag those, as well. God I’m a dork.

  4. *mouth open in shock*

    that beats the one Lolly posted up. its georgous. Scary, and you have my sympathy in getting through it, but georgous none the less

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