I’m such a moron. I guess I’m still in swatch mode. Instead of simply blocking this little choker scarf I just finished, I washed it. Why did I do that? I think it will bounce back, mostly, but the stitches aren’t quite so perky as before.

Earlier today, I did the same thing on the scarf I made Angele, and cursed myself for it. It seems to have recovered, although I was nervous before it dried because the yarn (Valley Shelburn) contracted on itself and got all stringy. But it seems to fluff back out as it dries.

Procrastination is certainly the mother of invention. I can only stare at the pages of my dummy for so long before I have to shift gear. But I can’t get too engrossed, so I’ve been making tinykins. This one is made of a little ball (maybe 30yds) of leftover Hello Yarn. The colors are very Push-Up; my picture does them an injustice. I haven’t decided whether to line it with some yummy Aurora 8 I have on hand so it’s all snug and wintry or leave it plain so it’s springier… Either way, if I’m super-productive today and finish, say 10 things on my list, I get to go pick out some buttons for it at Dunn’s tomorrow.

And gain with the cables. What’s with all the cables? I’m preoccupied with a big, plain cables. I tried to make some little ones, but they left me cold. (My cables are a yawn, but these made me flush with envy. I think he may well be the luckiest man alive. Sigh. Everything she knits makes me feel deeply ashamed of my inadequacy. Oh, well!)

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  1. I dont normally like stripy cables but that’s just yummy

    reminds me of the leathal cocktails they used to sell in my college bar when I was 19

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