Hey, Dummy!

I’m working on the first dummy of my book. That’s the first copy with a layout. It looks like this:

Actually, it was just a big stack of 2-page spreads, but I kept mixing up all the pages, so I bound one side. It’s pretty fun to see, although there’s so much to correct. I’m making the corrections in the margins and then marking 2 sets of notes with colored dots. Bright green dots are for my publisher, blue dots are notes to myself.

While I go along, I’m reknitting anything that looks questionable. I also want to try to find some alternate yarns for a few garments, because a few have already been discontinued. The big yarn companies are so fickle, fuckers.

I joined the stashalong and officially set my first goal yesterday. I’m going for 2 months stash fast, with the one free day a month. I’m hoping to skip the free day for my first month, but the siren song of Rowan closeouts might be too much to resist. In any event, I must wait 2 weeks (June 6) before taking the free day. Maybe by then the urge will have subsided (or the closeout will be depleted).

My current replacement addiction is listing all the things I want to make & the yarn I already have that I can use for them.

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  1. I really like your book page! I happened here form the stashalong page. too tired now but plan to check out the rest at some point. …


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