Procrastination vexation.

So at least half of my Interweave Knits collection went missing during Yarn School, including the issue with Cobblestone, which I was planning to make Ron for his birthday this month. Boo. I’m hoping it was an honest mistake and whoever walked off with them will realize and return them to me. Or better yet, that someone was perusing a big stack of them in some isolated spot, which they’ll tell me about now so I can retrieve them (I already checked all the common & guest rooms with no luck, but there are many hidey-holes in this place). I’m positive one of those two things will happen, because I can’t abide the thought of actual stealing. It’s just too disappointing. (Update: It’s looking up! I found a few of the behind the pits, and while many are still at large, including the one I need, I’m feeling hopeful! Now whoever moved he rest of them somewhere weird, email me and tell me where to find them!)

For today anyway, missing half my back issues is probably for the best, since I really should be working on my taxes and I’ve already exhausted most of my other avenues of procrastination.

Oh! And if you left Yarn School before lunch on Sunday, you may well have won a door prize in absentia! Half the prizes went to folks who had scooted already. I’ll be packing them up and shipping them out next week.

The minute I finish my taxes, I’ll gather up my Yarn School pictures and post them. In the meantime, a mere 2 of mine, and a big pile of everyone else’s:

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  1. Yeah… taxes can take forever. But there’s always the chance you could luck out and win Yarn Monies! The program I used says I will get monies back. Here’s hoping! :)

    Good luck with the taxes! (And with your procrastiknitting too, of course!)

  2. Oi. Yarn School was the best fiber experience ever!!!!!
    I truly hope your IKs were just misplaced somehow. I can’t imagine someone would take them. If yes, they suck and should have 7 years of bad spinning and knitting luck.

    I just looked up Cobbelstone, and yes – I have a copy of the magazine. (Fall 07) Send me an email at, and I’ll get the pattern to you!

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