July Sweater: Loop-d-Loop Ballet T

If I can quit feeling like a fat turd, I’ll try to get a picture of the whole thing, but I couldn’t seem to get a shot that didn’t make me look depressingly dumpy (which I am, but I don’t want to look at it), so you only get the top of the top, which avoids my problem areas! Ta da!

This is a great pattern (Loop-d-Loop Ballet T). I adjusted the pattern to fit my yarn gauge. The only shitty part is weaving in a bunch of cotton ends (I used 6 50g balls). But it’s a cute top, fast to knit & flattering (when you’re not feeling yucky and self-conscious). The color does nothing for me, but it was a bunch of cotton blend stuff I got on a Webs grab bag a couple years ago & this was a good use for it. Maybe I’ll make a skirt to go with it that will bring out some hidden color that looks better…. I hate dying cotton, so that’s out. Or maybe not. I don’t know? Should I dye it

Maybe I’ll dye it.

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