Harveyville Spinsters’ Club meets Sunday 1/27

Anyone interested in joining our little spinning club out in the country, please RSVP. We’ll be meeting at The Harveyville Project (aka my home) from 1 – 6 for spinning fun! (about 2 hrs from KC, 1 hr from Lawrence)

If you want to bring 4oz of something colorful, we can divvy it up and make matching layered batts for everyone & see what different spinning results we get.

Bring a snack or drink to share if you like. I’ll make coffee and a little something & if Cathy comes, there’s sure to be way too much chocolate.

Both wheels and spindles are welcome. And we do have extra wheels (nothing fancy) if you don’t want to drag yours along.

2 Replies to “Harveyville Spinsters’ Club meets Sunday 1/27”

  1. I will be there if I can get off work, I’m supposed to give 3-4 weeks notice but I may be able to manage it…

    I’m a spindler, but would love to try a wheel…

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