FO Lambykin + Couldn’t I just make a dress out of some rectangles and elastic?

I don’t see why I can’t just take two big rectangles and case the top and then case again about 8 inches down and put elastic in the casing for a cute little strapless empire waist sundress. It can’t be any less flattering than the smocked-top strapless dresses everyone is selling that make absolutely everyone look dumpy. I’ll have to try that tomorrow.

I made two new hats for the Hat Menagerie class I’m teaching: lamby and gnome! The gnome is still wet, but I’ll model it when it’s dry. I think I might end up fulling it a little for body. Meantime, lambykin, hellacreepy on the disembodied doll baby head:

  • Kristen says:

    You aren’t kidding about the creep factor! As adorable as that hat is, I literally recoiled when I saw the picture. Excellent job combining the elements to make a thing of terror!

  • knitxcore says:

    yeah that picture is creepy. but still kinda cute.

  • Katherine says:

    Man, you make me laugh with the gnome hat, and now I want to cry.

  • T H E . T H R I F T Y . K N I T T E R » Blog Archive » Chicago! says:

    […] want to take my Stash Shawl class (6:00 tonight) or my Hat Menagerie (gnome, bear, pony, kitty, lambykin, devil, etc.) class (6:00 Friday night), get yer ass down here. You can register here at the Mega […]

  • Adrienne B. says:

    Very good…Clarisse!

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