Naughty Needles Burlesque at The Jackpot 7-13-07 (Phil Peterson’s photos)

Phil Peterson’s Naughty Needles Burlesque photos:

The show starts with Laureen (Mistress of Ceremonies) pulling unwilling spectator Ana Vexacious onstage for “Backstage Pass.” Ana protests until Laurenn pulls a thread and “accidentally” makes Ana’s skirt drop to the floor. The band plays a bump and grind and Ana warms up to the idea. After the skirt drops, the bottom half of her top, a panel that covered her midriff, drops, taking her from a top to a bra.

This top was built on top of Frenchy. It had pieces that were sewn to the frame with ribbons. Then when you pulled the ribbons, the pieces would drop to the ground.

The cups were a 2-step process, first she pulled up the seams below, then a pull-tab at the top of each cup would simultaneously remove both side seams, making the little triangles flutter to the ground.

Here Ana Vexacious gives a little peekaboo before dropping the cups.

Frenchy top (free pattern on with twirling pasties! (pattern in Naughty Needles–well, for the pasties; the twirling, you’ll have to work out yourself!)

No action pictures from “Pussy Trouble.” Pussycat Persimmony Snicket sang “Lovecats” while Rita B. got all tangled up in the unravelling dress. Eventually she got disengaged and wound up in pink and white birthday cake panties and pasties (you can’t see the back, but the ass is all ruffly and looks like a pink and white layer cake).

Annie Cherry in “Sultan’s Delight.” She started covered in knitted veils and one by one removed them all, to the strains of an exotic bellydance tune.

Note the felted fez (Knit Picks Merino style with Berroco Ultra Silk tassle).

The last veil comes off! Annie Cherry in “Sultan’s Delight.”

The side-lace panties are rolled down (I made them a little too high), but you get the idea. Lion Brand Glitterspun. Theyr’e modeled after the criss-cross side lacers in old burlesque posters.

Annie Cherry at the end of Sultan’s Delight (still in fez!). I love these pointy pasties! I can’t remember who knit them (they were from my book).

Gilda Lily in “School Daze” with Mr. Dovebelly’s Ensemble backing her up with a slow 50s number that reminded me of Audrey Horne.




Gilda Lily contemplates her bad grade at the beginning of “School Daze”.

Not that Innocent pom-pom bra from Naughty Needles, as Gilda gets extra credit in “School Daze.”


You say your detention was never like this?


“School Daze” ends with a much improved grade: A+! (Kinda hard to make it out here, but there’s a giant knitted A+ on her tush). In a second, the nun is going to come out and chase her off.

patterns: Not that Innocent panties, Hootchie Kootchie pasties and Kinderwhore knee-highs from Naughty Needles.

“Nasty Habit” with Etta Vendetta singing “I Wanna Be Evil”.

And under the nun’s habit… fringed and sparkly red devil!

Rita B. and Dolly Baltimore in “Big Bad Wolf,” which starts with Rita singing “Little Red Riding Hoold” in a red cape covering her wolf costume. Unfortunately, you can’t see her big furry tail here. After a verse or two, Dolly Baltimore as Red Riding Hood enters and quickly tosses her cape and drops her dress!

It’s not long before our wolf is topless, too, still belting out the end of the song.

After intermission Sean, dressed as a fisherman, carries out Gilda Lily for “Catch of the Day.” Sadly, no photo of that just yet–he had her in a fireman’s throw and she was slowly flopping her big tail up and down. It looked awesome.

First she drops the clamshell bikini, showing off the fabulous starfish pasties.

Gilda Lily tries out walking in her tail before climbing out and casting it aside. (Mermaid tail pattern from Naughty Needles).


Gilda Lily tried out her new legs after discarding her mermaid tail.

The mermaid is chased off by Annie Cherry in “Pirate’s Booty,” as a drunken pirate who lurches onto the the stage, takes swigs off a bottle, and gleefully throws off all her clothes to the strains of “Blow the Man Down”.

Annie Cherry kept lifting her eyepatch to give some flirty winks. Adorable!

Felt Up corset (red Valley Yarns Berkshire), pasties with scalloped crochet edging (red Lion Brand Glitterspun), and felted eye patch from Naughty Needles.


Lunging and laughing, pirate Annie tears off the laces of her skirt.

“Bam-Bam!” starts with two cavegirls in furry bikinis and lots of pelts.

After a messy catfight, the hapless cave girls wind up topless! Oh, my!

The band plays jungle music, and the tempo increases as their fight gets increasingly wild.

As the band plays the Bunny Hop, Ana Vexacious in “Silly Rabit!” goes from demure blue and white fur-trimmed suit furry, glittery bikini, to pom-pom pasties, rabbit ears, and a g-string with a fluffy white cottontail. (Sadly, you can’t see the ears and tail, but take my word for it: cute!)


This is Etta Vendetta in the final act, “Gone Bananas.”

The coconut bra is of felted Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride in a natural brown heather.

Bananas are of specially dyed and yellow Lamb’s Pride (not felted), and the banana leaf g-string is of dark green Berroco Glace.

No one beats Etta for those Betty Page-esque looks of pouty indignation. Saucy!

Underneath: Asymmetrical banana leaf g-string and pasties.

This one shows off the design a little better.

Curtain Call! Here you can see the bottom layers of all the costumes from the second half of the show.

From left to right, Etta Vendetta in banana leaf pasties and g-string from “Gone Bananas” (banana dance); Annie Cherry in Jolly Roger panties from “Pirate’s Booty”; Gilda Lily in starfish pasties and clamshell thong from “Catch o’ the Day”, Dolly Baltimore in cave girl bottoms and pelt from “Bam-Bam!” and Ana Vexacious in pom-pom pasties and g-string from “Silly Rabbit!”

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  1. Wow. I don’t even know where to begin. Everything is so amazing!! I love the attention to detail and the little things (shell panties for the mermaid, star fish pasties, etc). Everything is lovely, sexy and ever so naughty. Love! :D

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