Handspun Secret Pal!

I got these today from my handspun secret pal! Now I feel like an underachiever, because the ones I sent my secret pal were so much more modest. But I still have one more skein to send out, so maybe I’ll make it a little more flashy!

Hm. So I didn’t make a rule about yarn gifts in my destashing pledge…. I guess they should go into my full disclosure total, but they don’t need to add to my goal, since I don’t control the incoming yarn. And I signed up for the swap before I joined the stashalong, so… Oh, pish posh! I shouldn’t feel guilty! And I don’t! So there!

I’m over halfway done the handspun cardi I’m working on now. I spent the afternoon cleaning up damage and trash at our other buildings, so I’m too tired for pictures of the progress, but here’s the yarn again:

Happily, the plain green is going much farther than expected. I was nervous because I only have 4 balls of it, but I’ve only used 2 and the torso’s almost done, and I still have extra handspun for the cuffs. I’m going to have to weigh what’s left and do the math to figure out how far down I should start the handspun sleeves (it’s another top-down raglan).  And I know every torso round equals 2.3 sleeve rounds. I’ll probably crack my brain working it out.

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