Holy. Crap.

Lately, I’ve been looking at a LOT of yarn porn. So in an effort to avoid whatever leads me to sin, I decided to officially rejoin the stashalong. I like numbers and charts, and also confessing, so I thought the full disclosure option (#2) would be my best bet. I went through and counted up my yarn so I could figure out the weight. I have over 100 pounds of yarn. That’s the equivalent of almost 1,000 balls of yarn. If I used a pound of yarn a week, it would take me more than 2 years to clear out my stash.

So, no yarn for me until I’ve made substantial progress.

I counted the stash balls and cones, the “to dye” pile (colors I don’t like), the “to sell” pile (a good chunk of which I think I’ll actually use–lots of baby yarn and I have some gifty baby knitting in my future), and the unknit balls of WIP. To be accurate, I should count all balls of WIP, since I have such a high frogging ratio. That would probably bring me up to 105#, since I’ve got 3 foldies of WIP here and there. And that way, I can just weigh finished objects instead of trying to remember which had how many balls left when I counted.

I actually got everything to fit in my cupboard already (which was one of my goals for the year), but that’s because I’m a tetrisy genius at making things fit.

So, here’s my goal. Use/sell 3# yarn/month, starting now. I may purchase 10% of what I eliminate, so one 50g ball for every 500g I use. I have to use 1kg if I want a 100g ball. There’s some sock yarn I really want. I think I’ll be able to buy enough for some knee socks at the end of the month. If I concentrate on bulkies, I should be able to haul ass. Knitting that burlesque show should really help, too.

Now in progress:

  • Bear cub cuddler warmy thingy (finally gave up on a sweater; I’m too plump): 400-500g
  • Odd ball stole: 400g?
  • Hate Scarf: 1.1 kg, all told, but that will take all year, probably
  • Alpaca baby bonnet: 50g


  • Sideways sweater: 400-500g
  • Cotton dress: 350g
  • Micro vest: 300g
  • Bear cub hat: 100g
  • Clamshell bikini: 200g:
  • Nun skirt: 300g
  • Nun cardi: 400g
  • School girl skirt: 300g
  • Schoolgirl sweater: 600g
  • Schoolgirl vest: 300g

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  1. Omigod, can I just say I *need* to make a hate scarf? After hearing “my hate will keep me warm,” I’ve been walking around starry-eyed and happy ever since. Though there’s a good chance it’ll come out looking like a Dr. Who scarf.

    I like the colors on the stole, by the way!

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