Haircut knitting

I worked on the critter I owe Ashley while I got my hair cut last night. I’ve been too busy to knit, and since I frogged my whole glove last weekend, I’m just screaming to knit some more. Ron’s going to St. Louis tomorrow, so I’m going to alternate between updating Naughty Needles, TCB, and knitting.

Dude. They’re shooting our place for ReadyMade as I type. Fancy! Of course, I wish I were 20 pounds lighter, and that I’d knit myself a sweater for the occasion (or at least had something new to wear), but it was kind of sudden. At least I got a haircut.

  • bekka says:

    cute hair. and the critter? can’t wait to see what it is. love that green.

  • Marissa says:

    Wow! ReadyMade! What kind of article are they shooting?

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