I learned to make gloves!

Of course, I decided I had chosen stupid yarn and frogged them right before the last finger, but still! Last weekend was a fun knitting retreat in Excelsior Springs, hosted by The Studio in KC. I frogged the thing twice because I kept changing my mind, then I got almost finished before I decided to frog it again. I have problems with impulse control. Besides, who wants to knit a mate for a glove they hate? That’s madness!

Yarn for Ron's gloves

I’m going to make some for Ron with Austermann Naturalwolle in natural dark brown as the main color and maybe a few stripes of some leftover Knit Picks Merino Style in either/both Asparagus & Moss.

I don’t have time to knit ANYTHING right now, because we’ve got a photographer from freaking READYMADE coming out on Wednesday to shoot our place & it’s pretty chaotic, what with Ron remodeling the basement, my sundry projects everywhere, and most of last week mired in computer failure.

Oh, which reminds me: I got a Mac. Which is really why I’m posting. I couldn’t resist playing with my new toy for a few minutes.

I really had wanted to wait to switch to mac until they started running new commercials that weren’t so jerk-offy and self-congratulatory, but my PC had different ideas. I won’t be able to get back my data and start converting it until next week, which is actually good, since I really don’t have time right now. I might treat myself to making a little swatch before I go to bed. Like, put away 50 items, make a swatch. That’s a little game my mom always plays, only she doesn’t knit afterwards.

I’m a big freaking nerd.

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