Rage averted

I was all in a huff about getting a 1 rating and a complaint of no delivery for a swap I sent a month ago, and for which delivery confirmation showed December 28 delivery. But I contacted the swapee & apparently she just got confused and gave the no-show rating to the wrong person & she revised it. So now I’m happy again, and not cursing the time I put into it & swearing off swaps forever. Which is good, because the swaps I’ve received have been awfully nice, and I’ve had fun preparing the ones I’ve sent off.

I’m about to start Build 3 of the Hate Scarf, which might be more aptly titled Strong Disapproval Scarf or Deeply Annoying Scarf.

Build 1 used black and pale green Angora Soft, but I wasn’t as pleased with the green as expected.

Build 2 used black with white letters, quite nice, but I realized after a few lines of text that I wouldn’t get very far with what I have on hand. I contemplated buying more, but the price has been bumped back up. Instead, I decided to reverse the colors, because I have 1.5 bags of white & only 1 bag of black. That should buy me about 45 lines of text. That’s based on the Build 2 gauge.

For my final build. I’m going to use size 6 needles instead of the 3s I was using. I don’t remember having any problems with snags when I swatched on 7s, but I was constantly snagging on 3s, plus my 3s are 16″ needles, and I really had to bunch it to fit the length I wanted, which was fucking with my tension. I think my 6s are 24″, so that should be much better.

And instead of casting on and joining in a circle, I think I’ll cast on and doubleknit it flat for an inch or two, then rearrange the stitches to knit in the round.

I’m not crazy about the fact that the start of the scarf is bound to be much shakier (since I’m new to fair isle) than the end. I probably should have waited until was more skilled, but I just couldn’t reist.

Wow, this is totally boring without pictures. I’m about to put myself into a coma.

But first, more boring!

I’ve got mitten homework tonight. Oh, wait, no; glove homework. Even better. We’re having glove school this weekend at Excelsior Springs, and we’re supposed to come with a finished cuff, which uses a german caston, which according to Kelly Sue is just fabulous. I have to pick my yarn and make the cuffs tonight, since I’ll be driving tomorrow.

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