FO We Call Them Pirates hat!

With my messy computer kafuffle (still unresolved, but at least in progress now), I neglected to post this:

I just did 2 repeats, because my gauge was wildy off, and I still had to felt it to make it fit.

Here it is before felting:

I’m going to try again with thinner yarn. That’s what I get for not swatching, stupid me. But all’s well that ends well–Ron loves it, it fits him perfectly (I felted it to measure), and it’s toasty! Yay!

And here’s the pattern, free from Hello Yarn.

2 Replies to “FO We Call Them Pirates hat!”

  1. “You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again: don’t neglect your gauge!” Now where I have I heard those words before?

    A better angle on the pirate tat would be cool as well. I didn’t even notice it when browsing on the WCTP site.

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