Oh, bother!

elann.com’s response to my inquiry about black, brown & tan Devon:

“…it is difficult to say when, or if, we will re-stock this yarn again.”

Darn it. I was really wanting to use the Devon for my I Have Everything scarf. Or something elann, what with the no-spending-January store credit loophole and my nice fat elann credit.

I was also thinking that I have a ton of K1C2 Angora Soft. It would make a scrumpy soft scarf, and I do have bags of it, but I don’t know if it has the definition and spring I want. Why don’t I just go find out?

First I have to assemble the last of my 2007 Datebooks (almost sold out! whoo hoo!), and my reward is swatching some Angora Soft. I could do it in black with pale green or pink letters, or black with white letters. I think the black and green combo appeals most.

Here’s a plain swatch:

It’s quite soft and drapey at this gauge, which, judging my my Lily Chin holes, was knit on 7s.

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  1. gauge before washing–looks like 19 x 28? It would be easier to tell in person. There are actually 4 rows, but 2 are really short.

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