The weather outside’s still frightful

Which sucks, because I had a knitting class in KC tonight and I’m too chicken to drive on the windy country roads. I could barely make it down the road without sliding all over the place, and that’s at like 10mph. I’m kind of filled with self-loathing at being such a pussy Texas driver, and yet I know myself (and my shabby tires) well enough to know I’d be a peril to myself and a menace to others.

But I think I’m going to treat myself to a little fun, selfish knitting or crafting to make up for my loss. Maybe the felt hanging circular needle bag I’ve been wanting…

Oh my god! I so wish I could show off my May column for Shojo Beat. It’s so cute, I want to scream!

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  1. Not to rub it in, but last night’s class was equally awesome — we learned both entrelac and a backward knitting technique to make you not hate entrelac. Karen didn’t think we’d get through it in one class but we did and I feel totally confident about it at this point.

    Or rather, I feel totally confident about continueing the little entrelac sample I was knitting in class. I’m not sure I have the faintest idea how to read an entrelac pattern. But so what? Progress is progress!

    Anyway, she’s teaching a finishing techniques class that I really want to take if you’re into it. I haven’t checked my calendar yet but yeah — if I can I sure want to.

    I’ll make copies of my handouts for your. And I’m no expert but I’m a reasonably good teacher so I’ll try and go over them with you Sunday night (it’s Sunday night you’re here, right?). I bet you’ll pick both techniques up lickety split.

    If you don’t, I bet you can just steal 10 minutes of Karen’s time one day when the store isn’t busy and she can fill in any blanks.

    Oh, and you know their big anniversary sale is this weekend, right?

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